Do we need the second timebar window?

The one right underneath the canvas

it doesnt seem to be presenting a purpose that the other, larger one beneath already isn’t already doing, except for the play, pause, stop keys etc, but can we not just move those onto the other time bar?

Yes, we are planning to improve canvas window, and there are a lot of discussions happened. And I have a branch to give it a try but it is still far away from completing.

Any helps would be appreciated :slight_smile:

thankyou, I was thinking of working on it, and removing it, I just thought I better make sure it wasnt dear to someones heart, I’ve already made a github account and forked it. still need to learn how to build it though, before I can start

i’m sure you are reading this thread greedily…

Several synfig development documentation are out of date … be free to share how you (easy?) found ways to do things … this could help to rewrite some of the wiki pages.

good luck and happy build :wink:

You got my vote for removing that timebar.

hey, I was thinking I’d do a video tutorial on how to build synfig on linux, cause I did end up having quite alot of trouble doing so. hopefully it will help some people

I think that taking care of the wiki is a better idea because is’t more maintainable - what could ‘we’ do to update your super great now video, when the building process will change ?

haha true I will update the wiki c: