Distortion/twirl and other filter layers problem - bug

I add any of those on top of my animation or as a filter on top of group and it zooms and filters/distorts whatever is in top left quarter of whole canvas.
Is it bug in new version?
Can someone try that and confirm? Just place starr and add as first layer for eg distortion and see what happens pls.

Tried on Win10 - installed 1.0.2 version and everything works as it should - new version on 3 computers NOT!!!
This is really bad - makes new version useless till fixed.

Yep. Seems to be lots of issues:
Curve Wrap shows some artifacts but they go away when you uncheck fast in the parameters panel.
Inside out blows up the entire image out of proportion. Bad.
Noise distort throws the image off canvas. Bad.
Spherize seems to work fine.
Stretch looks ok.
Twirl throws the image off canvas. Bad
Warp works fine and is the only effect that seems to gain speed from the new engine. All the others seem to slow down everything.
Edit: Warp seems to have an issue with rendering the horizon correctly.