display not working correctly

i just installed synfig on ubuntu 8.10 and for whatever reason, all the buttons are missing graphics. any ideas?

I think you haven’t followed the ubuntu 8.10 specific build instructions properly.
The official package form ubuntu repositories has some incompatibilities so you have to make your own binary from the source code.
See this thread:
Anyway I’m curious to know what did you installed and from which source did you downloaded it.

i followed those instructions, but it’s possible that something went awry somewhere along the lines. i’ll start again from scratch.

One of the steps that happens when Synfig compiles is to use synfig itself to generate the icons for Studio. Either that step got messed up or… I seem to remember someone had an issue where they didn’t have the access rights to generate icons in that directory.


i recompiled and everything works perfectly. thanks! :smiley: