Disappearing animatable sticks!

I’m a total n00b at synfig, and i wanted to try a simple head animation. I started drawing, finished, and was starting to animate when, CRASH! When I reopened the sticks I use to manipulate the paths r gone! HELP! :open_mouth: :frowning:

Dear guest,
don’t be disappointed by this crash. Probably it comes from an older version of Synfig Studio you have in your system.
Start by answering this questions:

  1. What’s your operating system?
  2. What’s your synfig version? You can check it in the ‘About’ menu command.

If you’re under windows I strongly follow this video to install the most recent version: youtube.com/watch?v=mrDqiRI7fwk
If you’re under linux and nor under pure Debian I recommend to:
a) remove the older packages of synfig & synfigstudio
b) Download the last release (0.61.08) and: $.configure $make $sudo make install (#make install) or
c) Follow the build instructions and create your own binary from the source code.

Also join the forums to proper identify you, and or join to the synfig IRC (irc://irc.freenode.net/synfig) and ask for help there.

Thanks I’m using 0.61.07! I’m on Ubuntu I got it from the repository!

Unfortunately Ubuntu repository has an older version than the last release. I also use ubuntu (8.04) and have compiled and installed it from sources following the build instructions link I gave you.
Also I inform you that at the middle of October would be a new release (0.61.09) so you probably can grab the sources package and build and install it without problems.

Any instructions to build? Or can’t I just download?

If you’re in a hurry download a newer version for ubuntu here in the non official ones section:


alternatively get the sources from the latest svn or the latest release and build them suing this building instructions: