Digital Dream Anime Team

Hello every one
Afew mouths ago me and two other friends have established a anime team and start our first Work called Arshia and still working on it. For this project we use lots of software (both free and none-free) such as PS , Mypaint, InkScape,synfig,anime studio ,Maya and Blender .Our Project is Free and in future open source movie .Digital Dream Anime Team with Open arms is waiting for other animating teams to share the knowledge specialy on program like synfig for animating.

Hi Ichigo Sensei,
You’re welcome to the forum. Please feel free to post here any of your works (with or without Synfig as main tool) and don’t hesitate to ask whatever doubt or question or request you might have about Synfig. We will do our best on reply them.
I’ve seen your artwork before and I just can say that it is a very good new that people with talent selects Synfig as a production tool. You won’t be dissapointed. :slight_smile: