difference between frame by frame and cel animation example


I am new to Synfig studio. I want to know the difference between frame by frame animation and cel animation (i.e. animation using key frames). I want same example using both the method. e.g. moving ball on a rectangle by both the method i.e. using key frames and without key frames.

I want to know that what is the benefit of using key frames using example so that i can understand the same easily.

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Hello, welcome here.

Synfig is just a tool to produce animation , en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animation
Animation techniques, frame by frame or with keyframe/waypoint ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpolated )…, are just techniques, both have advantages and constraints in term of speed, precision … of realization.

Just animate It to get your own feeling …

I think there is not difference in Synfig for those methods.

In frame by frame animation you draw all the take in sequence. Frame 1, frame 2… etc.

keyframe animation you make key position: start, middle, finish; and fill the betweens.

Keyframes (considering that like a “master position”) is the most used method. You (the master animator) only need to make the principal positions in an animation and assistans “fill” the between frames with draws.

Synfig is a very good assistant for you… if you use vector draws, of course :slight_smile:. If you use bitmap draw you could be a bit limit, but gain benefits of Synfig keyframes, too.

bhumika> also, if not already done, it’s good to have a look to :
and following …