Did you know about Curve Warp layer?

I recently noticed that there were any wiki page on this awesome layer made by dooglus on 0.62.00 release.

So far I decided to add some light on that Synfig feature and make you know about how wonderful things can be done with it.

Here is the result: wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Curve_Warp_Layer

I think that it is fantastic for tails and tentacles and also to achieve interesting shapes using gradients.

I hope you like it!


Would it be possible to modify the tool for non straight starting Line? That would open up for bone deformations.

Possible, possible,… everything is possible! But I remember dooglus get exhausted after achieve this new layer. :smiley:

Yeh, I used the curve warp layer a lot - and I’ve often thought about what Rylleman just said, it would be really really useful to have a bline as a start