dial 3 for börek

here it is finally :slight_smile:) food porn bermuda triangle mystery

  • what was supposed to be a small learning exercise but grew into a five minute short film…


it’s about 215Mb so there’s a smaller highly compressed one here:


I’ll put it on youtube at some point, probly in a few months

Wow! this has to be at the gallery!!!
I love it! It is super!

Filled with psychedelic goodness! Great job!


A great great great job!!
Well done my friend!


great vid,

I goto get one of those green gekkos that play the sax

Some flattering comments… thanks - obrigado - muchas gracias:)

Now I’ll need to think up a new project

@carbonphobia, everyone who visits cairns wants to steal our geckos

Congratulations Saorsa: this is a very good work! :smiley:

awesome. i really like it.

Impressive inspiration and techniques, congrats!
I can’t imagine this was all made with only synfig, including the 3D slight camera travel at the very beginning:dial3sml.snaps.png

Bravo once again