Demo Reel

Just in case anyone had thought that I’d forgotten it… Here’s the latest snapshot -
(Mpeg4 video, ~320x240 resolution 15fps 11.6MB)

Todo - include AkhiLs “light pen”, genete’s cat and Zelgadis’ “bright eyes”
Introduction speech?
Fix Sy’s arm so it doesn’t go behind his back.
Tighten up some of the timings.

Any other nominations for the demo reel?

Which tool have you used for compositing? :unamused:

I have a copy of Pinnacle video editing software on my PC. It came free with an ATI video card, but works very well.

Theoretically, nothing I’m doing couldn’t be done with synfig, but realistically I want to get it finished at some point :slight_smile:


I agree and stand against the point of using Synfig Studio as non linear editing.
It is critically important to keep visuals in sync with music to achieve appropriate effect. Sometimes it synced with music rhythm. Sometimes it’s not. To say honestly, there are a lot of places in musical composition where I can’t find a rhythm. Thats distracting me. Maybe we should take some other composition for background? There are lot of CC-licensed music at jamendo. I imagine bg music more straight, more intensive, less blurry.

Zelgadis - Whilst it may not be to everyone’s taste, I chose that music for several reasons.

  1. I think that piano music lends an air of elegance and sophistication
  2. It’s written by a (former) Synfig regular, who gave his permission for us to use it and
  3. I happen to quite like it. Which, when you spend several hours listening to it over and over as you tweak the editing, counts for a lot… :slight_smile:

BTW, do you have your name spelled out in the Russian alphabet somewhere where I can cut and paste?

Here’s the latest incarnation of the demoreel - heavily compressed, unfortunately. The mpg2 version looks much cleaner.

And here are the credits that I’m planning on adding to the end. Did I miss anyone? (or mis-spell anyone?)

[i]Anders K. Madsen (Madsen) - Eyes
Aurore D. (rore) - Grey Cat
Carlos López González (genete) - Various cutscenes/logos and sailboat
Chris Moore (Dooglus) - Rotating gears, Synfig handwriting cutscene
Chris Norman (Pixelgeek) - Intro, SynfigTux (with acknowledgement to Larry Ewing and Gimp)
Il’dar Akhmetgaleev (Ильдар Ахметгалеев)(Akhil) - Mouse, Flowers, Jedi Pen
Konstantin Dmitriev (Zelgadis) - Bright eyes (trailer for Morevna project)
Ulrik Boden (ulrik,ullebulle) - underwater, plant growing, room
Voria Studios - all other images and animations

Piano Music - Ulrik Boden - miniatyr nr2

All artwork & music is copyright of their respective owners, and is used here with permission.
This compilation copyright © Chris Norman 2008.

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Is there time to include a scene of CUT THE CIRCLE? You already have it rendered in ogg format at its web page:


Realistically, it’s very unlikely. I’d have to convert it from ogg, or for best quality re-render it.

I figure pabs can show the whole CTC video on its own if he wants. We don’t have prologue included either, which is still one of the best examples of Synfig generated material, IMHO.


Pixelgeek, here’s my name spelled in Russian: Константин Дмитриев.
And one more thing… Is it possible to place full title for my animation short - “Take a look into my bright eyes”. Also I prefer to refer to it as “proof of concept for Morevna Project”.