Deleting garbage

Hi, suppose I made a character with 5 different hair styles and 5 different clothing styles, etc, etc, which I all exported to seperate canvases. Is there a way to save the character I choose to work with as a sif file while loosing all the garbage of the canvases I did not use without having to delete everything manually?

  1. On the original file copy all the useful layers to the root canvas (although it is already on the exported canvas)
  2. Create a new empty document.
  3. At the old document select the layers you want to keep. Copy to clipboard.
  4. Go to the new empty document and paste the layers.

You have your character in a new clean file.

Thanks Genete,
It worked. Now I can have a whole mish mash of different character props and features like heads, noses, hairstyles, body types and clothing, etc, in one file and export a newly created character to a new clean file ready to be riggend and animated. I also discovered that when you uncheck the “use only one thread” in the setup in the windows version and limit synfig to just one cpu using the windows task manager that Synfig runs a lot smoother.

Yeah, but it uses to crash more frequently, so please save often :wink: