Deleteing an exported Paste Canvas.

Hi. How do I delete a exported past canvas?

I know I can delete everything on the main canvas, and that I can delete everything on the exported canvas. However, the exported canvas is still there. How do I rid myself of it all together?

The unexport action of exported canvases is not coded and we don’t know how to code it yet.

I had the same problem and figured out it can be done by editing the project file in an text editor:
Make sure to save a backup of your .sifz first.

Thanks for that.

Sadly, I’m having another problem though. I’m working on a different project. I exported the Character (Chicken Monster) from the scenery so that I can animate him, but while I was doing so, it crashed. The crash isn’t really the problem, but what is happening is that my exported character’s canvas (Chicken Monster) isn’t popping up anymore once I click his canvas the canvas browser. But on the layer’s tab, it has all of its components. How do I get it to pop up again?

Looks like you didn’t rescue a version of the file with the character exproted. Export it again. I reccomend to keep an untouched version of the file as it is now.