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Thanks for the info. But as you should have guessed I need more information:

  1. Please provide information about if you were using the zoom tool (the magnifier glass) or you were using a zoom layer.
  2. Please provide a detailed recipe to reproduce the problem. Not only for us but for you too. Like this:
    a) Start synfigstudio in a terminal
    b) Caret Menu>File>Import and select this image file (provide a link to the file)
    c) Using the zoom tool by dragging a square/clicking at the point of interest it crashed.
    d) The zoom parameter was about % when it crashed.
    e) The message in the terminal was this one: “bla, bla, bla”.
  3. Can you repeat the same problem with other image layer? in other words: Is the problem file dependent?

Thanks for the effort.

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