Defaults for Windows

Hi Genete,
I think I tweaked the Windows compile to default to single threaded with the following patch when I built 0.62.01, but I don’t think it ever got committed.
Can you take a look at it and commit if it looks OK?

file - synfig-studio/src/gtkmm/app.cpp

@@ -271,11 +271,15 @@ studio::Dock_Curves* dock_curves;
 std::list< etl::handle< studio::Module > > module_list_;
 bool studio::App::use_colorspace_gamma=true;
-bool studio::App::single_threaded=false;
+	#ifdef WIN32
+	bool studio::App::single_threaded=true;
+	#else
+	bool studio::App::single_threaded=false;
+	#endif
 bool studio::App::restrict_radius_ducks=false;
 bool studio::App::resize_imported_images=false;
 String studio::App::custom_filename_prefix(DEFAULT_FILENAME_PREFIX);
 int studio::App::preferred_x_size=480;

(or you can remind me how to generate a patch file…)


The code is like that in the current git repo: … =HEAD#l273
Maybe you need to do a git pull in your synfig local repository?

For the patch (git-diff) read this: … -diff.html

So it is. Apparently Git was lying to me yesterday evening.