default start size and image span

When I create a new file the size default is 480 by 270.

My questions:

What is this size used for ? (I have seen a reference to Ipod at this size but that is all so far)

I am preparing output for 640 by 480 (for a final size of 320 by 240), how do I change the default size ?

What is the function of the “Image Span” ?

You can change that in:

* Right mouse button.
* Edit
* Properties

Thanks for replying, yes I know how to change the dimensions, I was wondering how to change the default dimensions permanently, and what the current default is used for, what format.

I do not underrstand the role of “image span”.

According to Wikipedia 480 * 270 is a Web 480x HD. The size is hard coded I think. Probably can be changed and written to the synfig settings file. Regarding to Span it just enlarge the units of the canvas (zoom out) when increase its value. The resolution is not changed.
Kinda weird, yes. If you find more information please write it to the wiki. The only documentation we have about that is the source code.

Thanks, that helps.

Hi phillean,
your request of custom sizes has encouraged me to modify the code in that direction.

It would see the light soon, but for the moment there are two screenshots:

The patch is here. … tid=757418