Custom hotkeys

Would it be hard to implement custom hotkeys in Synfig?

I find a lot of the preset combinations very unintuitive or awkward, like zomming in canvas or timeline where I always break my fingers and wrist trying to zoom and I end up with zooming canvas when I want to zoom timeline and vice versa.
Also frame stepping at ctrl+,/. is a very awkward combination. Synfig is an animation package and frame stepping is one of the most used things, I want them at the most convenient place, i.e. at the arrow keys. It’s very seldom I nudge points by keyboard on the other hand…

The Gimp is well worth to check out when it comes to custom keybindings, you can set pretty much everything to a hotkey, and to any combination of ctrl/alt/shift/none + key you’d like.

I think Synfig would be pushed forward tremendously in usability by implementing custom hotkeys.

You can, but there is not much documentation on it.

See this wiki page for some information:



That page was completely empty though so could you give me a pointer to where to start?

edit: Nevermind, I found the small documentation here;
How to change shortcut keys?

  1. Find your Synfig config file under:

Ubuntu (and other GNU/Linux): /home/{username}/.synfig/
Mac OS: /Users/{username}/Library/Synfig/
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings{username}\Synfig
Windows Vista: C:\Users{username}\Synfig\

  1. Open the file, named accelrc, using any text editing software (GEdit, Kate, Notepad).

  2. Change the shorcuts you want, save and close. [/i]

Thank’s Genete!

This is great but I can’t find any reference to nudge pixels or the arrow keys in that file…
How can I set frame stepping to arrows?

Also is there some documentation on the key-names which are used in that file? What should I call keys not mentioned in the file?

Arrgh! I hate when the link is badly formed.

Here the link again, but it has the same info than the two tips in the tips page:

And as I said there is so few documentation about this. Only the source code.
I have not more ideas… :frowning:

This doesn’t seem to work at all.
I change the file and saves it but when opening Synfig Studio the file is reverted back to the presets.

Please open a bug tracker if itsn’t already opened. I don’t know if someone would fix it but at last it would remind the problem and others can check it.
Thanks for still supporting Synfig. We need good artists like you to make it better! :slight_smile:

Filed a bug report regarding this;

Hoping it will be fixed.