Cursor offset - Drawing Tablet


I just installed Synfig, and for some reason my cursor is off when using my drawing tablet (Huin Inspiroy h1060p). When using my mouse, it’s working fine, but when I click with my drawing pen, the click happens many pixels above the cursor.

I tested with other programs, such as Krita, and the pen is working fine there.

How can I fix this?

Thank you


I’m having the same exact problem as well. I’m using an XP-Pen so that sometimes acts weird with nonstandard design applications. But this is very much a similar situation as you, so I’ll assume it’s a bug that I hope they fix

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Hi! @lixyl @buckycore Sorry for a late answer.
Which OS you are using?

My OS is Microsoft 10.

Try to modify the values in Edit/Input Devices.
Under Windows, there is an shift between what is displayed and the cursor because of the way GTK apps are displayed (like the window not centered bug).
And Krita is not based on GTK :wink: