CTRL-A command change?

Hi there,

I’m pretty sure that CTRL-A used to select all ducks in selected layers, but since I updated to the latest version is seem to select ALL ducks in every layer. Am I mistaken? Did this change? How do I select all ducks in selected layers?

If you’re focusing the layer list, CRTL-A would select all the layers (what will show the layers ducks) but won’t select all the ducks for the selected layers.
To only select the ducks for the selected layers (highlight the ducks) you have to be on any other focused panel than the layer’s panel, or the canvas window or the toolbox itself. Then CTRL-A will select all the ducks.


It’s likely that you have the layers panel active when doing ctrl+A. You then select all layers, this is new behaviour (in 0.63.04) coming from fixing another bug and will probably be fixed in later builds. Right now shortcuts is not consistent across all Synfig panels.
Make sure you have the canvas active before hitting ctrl+A and it should work.

OK! Thanks.

I normally click the layers I want on the layers window, then hit ctrl-a. So there is the problem. I didn’t think I was doing anything different. So I’ll just be sure to activate the working canvas first.

This is why it is good to be on this forum :slight_smile: You can’t get answers like this from the FLASH design team in a matter of hours!