Creating large images in synfig

Sorry for all of the questions, guys, but I’m trying to figure out the synfig approach.

How would I go about creating a background in synfig that would be bigger than the movie dimensions (so that I could pan around that background)? This isn’t a question about how to use the drawing tools; I’m pretty sure I’ve got that part. But when I try to draw some thing that extends outside the bounds of the movie dimensions, anything outside those bounds can’t be seen. (This is as opposed to, say, Inkscape, where objects outside of the page dimensions can be seen.) So what’s the procedure?

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i set up a zoom layer with say -1 amount.
this normally stays inactive (unchecked).
if i need to create/adjust the backgrounds i temporarily switch it on.

Thanks, I’ll play with that. By the way, I noticed that when I’m adjusting the zoom amount, using the delete key deletes the whole zoom layer instead of deleting numbers from within the amount field. I’d guess that’s a bug?


Yes that’s a nasty bug that we have not found a solution yet. Use backspace instead of delete.

See and the bottom of the page.


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I’d highly recommend Inkscape. I used it to do the cover of this book, and it’s more-or-less a comic book style cover.


BTW, the delete key has been fixed in svn revision.