Creating Characters

Hi, i am pretty much a newbie to Synfig i know how to make things move up how do i create like people moving and talking etc

That’s an easy question that can take a whole life to master about.
Animation is not a tool issue it is an artistic issue.
I strongly recommend to get one of the master books in animation: … =1-1-spell … pd_sim_b_1 … pd_sim_b_2 … pd_sim_b_1
Pick up one of these, read it, practice the traditional animation, master your self and then come back to Synfig (the tool). Then you’ll see the answer by yourself.

If you have specific questions of the usage of Synfig, its features or tricks, please ask us. We’ll do our best on that.


Alright thanks man.One more question. Is it possible to import backgrounds from paint and make them animate in synfig?

You can import any image raster into synfig. Once imported you can use the distortion (noise distort, stretch, warp, curve warp, spherize, twirl, inside out) layers to modify them, the color filters, and the classic rotate, translate and zoom layers. The image layer has its own parameters that can be animated.
But you cannot animate the picture inside the raster image like you would do in a vector shape.
Also you can do some cut out animation using raster images.