Creating a stickman with shadow and reflection


I am doing a small project. I heard about Synfig from a friend and completely new to the world of drawing and animation. I hope i find help in this forum.

**PS: i did google before posting the topic here.

For the project, I need to create an animation of an object/person with has shadow and reflection. So i got the idea of creating a stickman walking with shadow and reflection. But I do not know how to start off. Found some tutorials for creating the stickman, but how do i create shadow and reflection?

Please help.

The most simple for a shadow is using the Shade layer. For the reflection you can use a copy of the original object, mirror it and put a gradient on it using Alpha over as a blend method. In combination with the distortion layers you can also use the second manner to get a more complicated shadow.

Simple basic test file with shadow and reflection.
testshadow.sifz (2.06 KB)