create a .avi windows

Hi!!! I need your help. I’m very new in synfig. I need to create a .avi and not a .flv. Do you know which is the command that I have to use??? because I don’t know anything about the cmd.

Can you explain me plis what are those?:


that appears on the following command, that are on the example (

ffmpeg -r 15 -i rfrac%04d.png -f flv fractal.flv

I don’t understand anything. And also, Can you said to me plis the command to convert the .png images to a .avi video?

Thank you very much!!!

Set target to ffpeg in Synfig render, you’ll render directly to avi then.

That said you’ll have much more control if you render to png sequences.

In the ffmpeg example -r is framerate, -i is input, i.e. your image sequence, %04d means you have an sequence padding of 4 numbers, -f is your target format.

There is wiki doc(s) about that

did’nt take time to take a look to see if wiki/doc answer initial question …
just to inform, to feel comfortable to find a place in there to share useful informations :wink: