Crashing when Opening .sifx files


I am very new to Synfig and admittedly not the most computer savvy. I am running Synfig on MacOS.

I have looked through the forums but have been unable to find this exact issue. When I try to reopen files created the same day or a few days previously, Synfig “quits unexpectedly.” This has happened with two different files. The only file I have been able to open is a “test” after my first file was unopenable and it just a single shape layer.

I have tried moving the file to different locations, and obviously, have restarted the application and my computer. Could this be a memory issue? I currently have ~28 GB of 120 GB of storage free.

I wish that I knew anything abut coding so I could interpret the error report my computer is generating. I have included a (partial) screenshot of the very long messages that pops up when the program crashes.

I am hoping I will be able to fix this issue! I would hate to lose another several hours worth of work, but would be happy just knowing how to avoid this happening in the future!