Crash recovery, time.

Synfig does crash fairly often, especially I think on windows which I’m unfortunately are using for work.
When restarting, Synfig tells you that it can try to recreate the crashed scene which is great. But it can be a bit hard to know exactly how much work you’ve lost, how far back synfig is restarting.
It would then be good if Synfig put the time for the last autosave it was using in the info-window so you could get a rought estimate on the roll back.

Certainly you can select the backup interval from this option: … p_Interval

So if your file is not very big (and save it doesn’t eat so much cpu time) you can set it to a shorter interval than the default 3 minutes.


Yeah I’ve found that setting but after crashes and recoveries I’ve lost much more than 3 minutes of work so it doesn’t seem to work very well. - I’ll file a bug report on that later when I’ve collected some documentation about it.

That aside, it would be very good to have some info on the file recovered, like time.