Crash on startup

I am sorry if this topic has been posted before. I have strange crashes on some machines.
I have installed Synfig in my PC at home and it work perfectly.
But when I installed to my laptop and PC at my office the same error appears. It crashes on startup.

All of my computers run on Windows 7 64bit.

Please help me.

Thank you.

Please reinstall completely the Synfig Studio application. There is a mismatch between older Synfig versions installed previously on the computer and that were not removed completely.


I installed on new machines. Is it the problem of GTK? I have installed GIMP previously.

When Synfig Studio starts up, it checks the sizes of different classes provided by the synfigstudio binaries (app) and provided by the synfig core libraries (lib) if they differ (what is the case based on the error message console window) there is a previous version of Synfig installed on the computer that was not removed completely.
Alternatively the installer is corrupt, what I don’t think it is the case.

Thank you for the reply.

Now I can run Synfig on my other computers. The problem is because Microsoft Visual Studio is installed in my laptop and my office PC. So it will automatically calls the debugger when there is something missing in any application.

The appeared dialog box offers debug or close the application. When I choose the debug button, the debugger will open and debug Synfig. Then Synfig runs normally. I could work with Synfig while opening the debugger.

Without any debugger installed I think Synfig will work normally.


When installing Synfig under Win7, expect prompts asking if it installed correctly. There’s obviously something that the NSIS install wrapper is not setting up correctly for Win7. I’m guessing MS Visual Studio is picking up on that missing flag too.