Cpu for synfig?

Maybe this is the wrong place to ask… But I’m trying to build a pc for anime animation. Ive read that synfig is a good animation software so for the pc build, should I just go with less cores but a faster clock speed (i3 6320) since synfig doesn’t utilize multi cores??? or is quad core/ hyperthreading better?

Also, can you import images like from krita? Or do I have to draw everything in synfig?

Thank you.

I had a corei5 and now have a corei7. Much faster. Synfig gives me good results for that even on the windows 10 version.
You can import png.

Thank you for the reply. I was thinking about getting a i3 6320 for now, and then upgrading to a 6700k later on in the future. Do you think it’ll be better since it’s clock speed is faster?

And that’s good to hear that I can import png.

CPU speed is not the most important, architecture is, then the number of cores.
Your i3 has only 2 CPUs/4 threads
Intel page: ark.intel.com/products/90733/Int … e-3_90-GHz
You can compare performances with this site: cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu … Hz&id=2625 (score 6028)
Since Cobra engine has been released, you can use several threads simultaneously, this render engine has been optimized for parallel execution of different levels of the tree. (more core, faster)

For i7-6700k (4 cores/8 threads): ark.intel.com/products/88195/Int … o-4_20-GHz
Benchmark: cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu … Hz&id=2565 (score 11079)

Once again, higher numbers don’t mean necessarily faster, it is only marketing :wink:
(see passmark.com/forum/pc-hardwa … -the-chart)

Ohh that’s good to hear. Last time I checked, synfig was using one core only, but if the new engine utilizes more cores, then I’ll definitely save up for an i7 or go for the x99 platform.

Thanks for the reply.

Despite the fact the new main page of the website doesn’t provide a link to them, you can still reach the news with optimization reports/multithreading in Cobra here: synfig.org/cms/en/news/

Sorry for the late reply

But thank you for the link, I’ll definitely keep up with the updates!