Could anyone make a video from synfig to youtube? [Solved]

Hello fellow synfig users

Was wondering if anybody could make a video tutorial on how to get from the stage of having
you project done in synfig to get it into youtube?
I’ve been trying to read me towards the answers, but with no luck.
I think other beginners than me have this problem.

So please, could anyone make a video where you start from having your finished project and end up having it uploaded to youtube?

-Sincerly Marcher97

So i fixed my problem (With help from you guys).
And to be honest it was very simple.
You just have to click on “Render” and then select your wished file format.
There’s not really more to it.
My problem though was that I had made a folder on my computer which was called a very similar thing to the original synfig folder. And when i then rendered my clip, it moved to the synfig folder that I don’t really use.
So yes, it is actually very simple to render you clip. I learned though that it is important to double check which folder you render it into.

Hello Marcher97,
I believe you should have no problems uploading if its in a .avi file. On the youtube page on the top menu bar there’s a tab that should say “Upload” from there you should be able to pick the animation from where its saved and BAM! Good Luck and hopefully this was helpful.

P.S.: I’ll try to do a tutorial series once I complete my animations and find a way to record it.

A simple Synfig- Rendering Videos Successfully already exist…

And for deeper informations, mixed with Upload videos could help you to understand some of your issues, maybe.