Corners on Outlines?

Hi. Is there any way to put corners on regular ol’ Outlines? I can’t seem to get Advanced Outlines to scale properly, so I need to use Outlines for everything, but I can’t seem to be able to get them to produce corners. They’re always rounded or cut off corners with Outlines. I feel trapped between drawing shapes with corners and drawing shapes that don’t scale. Help?

Regular Outlines only have sharp or not sharp corners. Rounded is one special new feature for advanced outlines.
I recommend to give a second try to advanced outlines since the scale problem might be solved a I mentioned in the other thread.
Advanced Outlines has many more features than regular.

So… is the most recent build stable enough to try that? I looked at your other response, but 0.63.04 is the one listed as the stable release…

0.63.04 is enough for that. 0.63.05 is going to be released tomorrow.