Copy paste issues within parameter values using keyboard

For some reason, I’m unable to copy & paste string values within synfig’s parameters area using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V. Synfig does not copy parameter names/values when Ctrl+C is pressed while editing these parameters & the same goes for Ctrl+V aswell. It copies the underlying layer instead of the text that’s selected within the textbox

Is there a way I can tell synfig to be context sensitive about copy paste?

Select the original parameter to edit it, select the content and right-click to obtain the edition context-menu


It already works with mouse. Using mouse for copy paste is a pain. Would be better for productivity if we can use copy paste using keyboard

Also, a lot of normal keyboard bindings that work in most editors does not work in synfig

For eg.

  1. You cant select complete text with Ctrl+A while editing the text
  2. Esc does not move the focus out of editing field

These are minor issues but will have a significant productivity issues because people mouse is terribly slow at writing/editing text

But while up & down arrow move the focus out, we should instead move the cursor to the start & end of text like every browser does (or) atleast dont do anything while editing is in progress

Also, would be nice if F2 works when editing parameters. i.e clicking on a row & pressing F2 should open automatically focus on the value field in edit mode

All of these are really simple, yet developers gain a lot of productivity with these changes

Thanks again for your patience :slight_smile:

You know, there is an issue tracker in Synfig’s Github…
Instead of to spam here, you could report them directly, but check before if such tickets don’t already exist :wink:

Opened the issue