Cool review

High-level, but very positive review published today - … 85708.aspx

Wow, a 4 and a 4 and a 3 … add up to a 5 overall! Not just any software can do that!

I also thought it was interesting that the reviewer compared it to 3D packages rather than to Toon Boom, Anime Studio or Flash.


3D Studio Max and Maya? :open_mouth: Shouldn’t he be meaning “Toon Boom” since the former two are 3D stuff?

Hah, once we get more coders we’d be undisputed!

Perhaps he is meant for the Toon shader that Autodesk products have, still Blender has some good competence there only that everything is made with Nodes, rater difficult for those like me used to 2.49 =(, i’m trying to do my best for show off Synfig Studio and the results are quite positive hopefully, people will be looking forward the project with a little more projects finished jaja (and time =P)