Convert Color to Gradient parameter

Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but when picking a region and editing the parameter (in this case, converting Color to Gradient) keeps me in the linear mid-tone, between the primary and secondary colors selected.

I’m unable to convert objects to have a gradient region. Is this a bug?

P.S.: darn, I can’t attach because apparently the snapshot is greater than 600 pixels. Ah, anyway… Oh, I forgot to mention; I’m using X-Synfig Portable, but I wonder if this problem’s there in the latest release.

Last time i also wondered why outlines or fills don’t support a gradient as Color. Fixed it with an extra gradient layer with “onto” as composite. Since i’m new, i don’t know if this is desired or not.

It is not. The parameters of the layers cannot be converted to anything “different”. They can be converted “from” something different than the raw data.
For instance, when you convert a Real parameter to Dot Product Convert type you’re not changing the behavior of the Real parameter. It still being a Real parameter but it is calculated based on the dot product of two vectors.

In your case you have converted a Color into a Color Gradient Convert type so you can define the color based on the gradient and its index. In the screenshot example the index is 0.5. With this convert type you can modify the circle’s color by just changuing the index parameter and it woudl return the color of the gradient at that index (from 0.0 to 1.0)

As niabot mentioned, gradients are applied using the onto blend method and the encapsulation.

There are pros and cons about this feature solution (gradients as separated layers) but I think it is much more flexible than include the feature inside the layer type.


Ah, I see. Thanks for the input.

That’s a great way for doing random colours that match a palette - just have them come from random points along a gradient :slight_smile: