Compositor delving into 2D Animation

Hey Guys,

I am a newbie to Vector-Based Graphics Animation. Was considering between Synfig, Anime Studio Pro & Toon Boom but thought I would give the open source program first shot. I am a big fan of GIMP & Inkscape, which are as useful to me as the equivalent in the commercial abode :wink:

I have been working on Autodesk Flame & Smoke as an online editor/compositor/VFX artist for well over a decade so am far from a newbie to a lot of the concepts of Synfig. I have always found the Flame & Smoke forums to be an incredibly useful source of information so am hoping a similar benefit will come from these forums for Synfig.

I have 3 projects I am planning to undertake this year, all animated music videos. If, by the end of 2014, I have finished all 3 and am thoroughly up to speed with Synfig, I am considering working towards a couple of animated series concepts I have in mind.

First step is to learn Synfig though so one step at a time. If I get up to speed in a couple of months and like what I see then I will also sign up for regular donations. Don’t want to commit to it before I do though.

Just wondering if an export with alpha is possible and is it easy to select what you want to include and not include in the export.

Looking forward to discussing things with you all :slight_smile:


Hi ASquared, welcome to the forums!

Yes, you can export your animation to png sequence, that supports alpha channel.

Since 0.64.1 you can “Disable Layer rendering” by right click on the layer and select the proper menu entry. It would show the layer on canvas but would ignore the layer existence in final render.