Complete newbie to animation saying hello! :)

Hi everyone! I discovered Synfig about a couple of days ago and I’m currently going through the basic tutorials. I like to draw with pens, pencils, and markers but I’m completely new to animation of any kind so after looking for a lot of free alternatives on google, I decided to come here and check things out and see if it’s right for me. Anyways, nice to meet you all and I’ll make sure to stay active with both Synfig and the forum.

Hi StudioDalisay!
Welcome to Synfig community.
Here you’ll find a small but friendly and helpful group of Synfig enthusiast. Please do not hesitate on ask whatever thing you need or don’t understand, even if it is related to animation procedure. We’ll gladly try to do our best.

Thanks Genete! I’ll definitely be coming here for when I need help. I’m actually pretty glad that this is a smaller community. With the bigger ones, I tend to feel like I get drowned out by the masses of people and end up not getting the feedback or criticisms that I need.