Compilation of animations and use of layers in Synfig Studio 2020

Hi everybody. This is a compilation of animations and effects obtained using the different layers in SYNFIG STUDIO. Some of these animations and effects are explained in the tutorials that I have published on the channel and in this forum. I hope you find it useful. Thank you.

Hola a todos. Esta es una recopilación de animaciones y efectos obtenidos usando las diferentes capas en SYNFIG STUDIO. Algunas de estas animaciones y efectos están explicados en los tutoriales que he publicado en el canal y en este forum. Espero que les resulte de utilidad. Gracias.



Very impressive work!
I love so much to see the result of invest and efforts in learning and pushing the possibilities of a software to the limits…

I hope we will see some sequences in the future promo video :slight_smile:


Mis respetos caballero, me quito el sombrero ante ud.

Muchas gracias. Seguiré trabajando para ayudar a los usuarios dando a conocer todo el potencial de este software.

I am so impressed! Bravo!

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Wow! Awesome work! :heart:

Another cool example -

(check other works on the channel of this author ^__^)


Great results are obtained with Synfig Studio.It is very good when many techniques and details are used in a tutorial because they arouse the imagination. We are not always going to use all these techniques, but it is good to see their results.

Is there a tutorial to talk about this 3D perspective?

It’s very impressive, thank you.

Hi. Tutorials for the use of perspective and vanishing points of these examples are here:

but the information of how to use the vanishing points I found in Wikipedia

This requires an enormous amount of work for the house, good continuation for your youtube channel.

Amazing work. This will be an inspiration to many

Thank you. I have been studying the tutorials of the members of this Forum to learn and then make animations that collect all that knowledge so that we can have a global image of Synfig Studio’s potential.

Great work abelballesterzu, I appreciate it! :+1:t2:

Thank you. I hope to publish more animations with other Synfig tools soon.