Colour transformation of the background

Hi all,
I’m quite new to Synfig Studio. I have it running on Ubuntu Xenial.
I have succeeded in animating object and I think I understood the principles.
I have a problem related to the backgound, the “checkered” layer (?).

  1. I want to colour this background, say with white. Unfortunately I could not generate it, nor with the filling tool, nor with the context menu. finally I draw a white rectangle of the same size as the canvas.

  2. I want, that the colour of the backgound is slowly changed while the animation is running, say to light blue after 5s. Is that impossible? At the 5s point I changed the colour of my rectangle to light blue, but now the colour is applied already at 0s. There is no colour transformation.

I’d appreciate every help!

Thanks a lot,


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

To do so, you need to add a layer as a background:

  • Geometry/Solid Color (taking all the Canvas’ surface)
  • Geometry/Rectangle (you will have to define its edges, as you did)

To change the color:

  • Select your background layer (the white one)
  • Turn on Animate Editing on (the little green man down-right of the canvas, should become red)
  • Move the current position in the Timeline (on the gray bar, your current position will be in orange) to your expected time position.
    With 24f per sec, 5 sec corresponds to the 120th frame.
  • In the Parameters tab, click on the colored rectangle next to “Color” parameter.
  • Set your color and validate
  • Exit Animate Editing mode (little red running man, should become green)
  • Go back to 0f and play your animation :wink:

Wonderful. Works like a charm!