Colors dialog can hang Synfigstudio

I create a circle, click to enter animate mode, then move the circle and change its color, and then click to exit animate mode.

If I try to move the circle, I get the expected dialog warning. But if I try to change its color, I get a different message and synfig will hang in a modal dialog that cannot be clicked.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the detailed description. I can reproduce the problem, so we’ll fix it soon.

Not a solution to the problem, but a workaround in case it happens and you don’t want to lose your modifications:

When you receive the error message

  • place your mouse cursor on the closing button of the color dialog and don’t move it
  • press 2 time Escape to close the error messages
  • click on the closing button of the color box to reactivate it
  • click a second time to close it