Color pick, aspect ratio and crash

Ubuntu 9.10 - Synfig 0.62

  1. It seems the Scale Tool’s “Lock Aspect ratio” feature doesn’t work.
  2. I can’t color pick from raster images (or perhaps it hasn’t been implemented yet). Any other way I can use my pre-planned colors in Synfig? Because the RGB values differ in Synfig and GIMP and are inaccurate.
  3. When working on 2000-4000 resolution (height) there a chance Synfig might crash.
  1. see … pecting.3F
    You should be able to use the GIMP to find the hex value, and with Visually Linear Color Selection turned off, the numbers should match. Just don’t get worried when you turn it back on and the numbers all change.

Ah, thanks, Pixel! That helps lots

That helps me too. I always wondered about that.



Work with those resolution is not really needed. You can work with any smaller resolution with same aspect ratio and when you want to render the composition (the final render) then you can select the HD resolution output. It is (should be) perfectly possible to work with the final resolution but due to it is not necessary at all due to all the data are floating point and you can render later at any higher or lower resolution.
If you find a resolution, recipe and hardware combination that crash when working please let us know to try to reproduce.

It works here, can you be more specific?

Hmm, that’s odd. When using the scale tool, regardless of “Lock Aspect Ratio” being checked, the image scales freely out of the original ratio, ie., I can’t snap or lock it. Erm… how do I explain…

Example: If the image is 200 x 400, when scaling twice its size it doesn’t stay at 400 x 800; instead I am able to scale it out of the original ratio to, say, 450 x 600, 300 x 890, etc.