Colas - Opening Animation. (UPDATE)

Hi good day, sorry for my bad english, My Name is Carlos “Lobo” Zamora R. Im from Costa Rica. In my free time I love draw comics and others things, in the 2011 I do an animation short (really short) of one of my comic strips: Colas. I do it with flash, Well yeah I know this is a Synfig forum, but wait :wink: then some months atfer in that same year I leave windows and Start to use linux :3 Then I start to search for a 2D animation software then I found Synfig Studio. well In this months I want to do some new shorts of Colas, but I need to animate the opening again because I want have it on Synfig, ^-^ for the moment have only animated one of the Characters :3

Here is the 2011 animation:

And here I leave you the animated gif of Charlie the dog that I make on Synfig and the .sifz file. if you want to see how I make it ^-^ I hope the you like it. I’ll put another update when I have some more to show you ^-^
Colas-OP-CharlieTheDog.sifz (392 KB)

I wish you the best for this project. Synfig will do for sure a good job for you.


^-^ Cool thanks, Im glad that you like it.

Great character. Nice animation. Nice to see someone not using bones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Precise, expressive, humorist (the missing cat) … very nice cartoon style.

Welcome to Charlie The Dog to the open sources galaxy…
Now you really “own” Charlie, not adobe by jailing it inside a swf file format.

I think it will be very interesting that you share your conversion experience : talking about what is ‘missing’ from your point of view, what you like / do not like in synfig …

Well done! : )

Really nice work! You should definitely create a post explaining your techniques.

S :smiley:

¡Estos son dos segundos de animación grandiosos! Buena suerte con el proyecto. :slight_smile:

Hi good day, Well I finaly finish to animate Samy the Cat for my Colas Intro (synfig edtion lol )

The Final Opening:

I submit the .sifz file with Samy the Cat if you want to see it how is made.
Colas-OP-SamyTheCat.sifz (557 KB)


Beautiful cat, nice proportions and cute smile. can’t wait to see the rest of their adventures.