Clearing old animations

I was testing out Synfig to see if it’s the animation tool for me (great program, by the way, although some render crash bugs here and there), and after setting up a ragdoll character, I decided to test out some animation, which I found worked great, and after fighting with rendering (I didn’t know I could use .avi even if it’s unspecified in the options) I found that worked great.

Except the file now contains all the very crude, basic test animations that I want to now completely clear out so I can re-use the ragdoll I made for a proper animation. Is there a button or series of options that allows me to delete/remove all of the pre-existing keyframe animations without losing the now established layers/images/ragdoll that I have set up?

No magic button. Clear all the waypoints, keyframes by hand or use a script like this one: [url]Script for resetting animated values]. Best to keep a clean copy of your character that you can reuse later.