Chroma bug when export to DV

I have discovered, that export to DV-format has the chroma bug. (Blocky parts around solid red areas) … -2001.html

I have tested other formats too, like png, ppm and even ffmpeg. They are free of this croma error.

Synfig 0.61.08

Synfig pipes PPM images to encodedv (from, I think that the problem would be there rather than in synfig.

Thank you for this info! I have learned, that version is installed on my system, which is the most recent and stable version of libdv.

The bug is only in Kino, with which i made the screenshot. So there is nothing to worry about here in synfig.

EDIT: Now, that i have updated my system to Xubuntu 8.10, i see that encodedv --version in a console gives me :
encode: version CVS 01/14/2001,

Is this a very old one? does it have this bug still, or better not yet?