Character Animation Test #1


Trying to animate complex moves of a character.

I made drafts of keyframes, to get some idea of movement. Here they are:

Now I trying to make a motion draft using the “skeleton-character”. Here’s what I got for now: … st_10.sifz

P.S. It would be nice to have ability to attach files to messages on forums.

When we upgrade to phpBB3 we will have the ability to upload files to the forums. I want to wait and see what the security for phpBB3 is like before I do the upgrade though. We also need the people to release a phpBB3 plugin before we upgrade.

PhpBB3? Cool!

Some more progress in scene: … st_13.sifz

Next steps: … st_14.sifz

(Motion is slow 'cause I want to get slo-mo effect. Anyway, I’ll tune the timings later, after I make skeleton move properly).