Changong layer parameters with time

Is there any way to get a layer’s parameter to change gradually (or in small in integer steps) between keyframes - in the same way that transforms on a shape change gradually? For example is it possible to get the fractal image to change from, say, 2 to 30 iterations over 5 seconds. From what I can see a layer’s parameters are fixed for the duration of the timeline, or am I missing something?


The Key frames are marked on the timeline with icons that show what the interpolation between them are (i.e. do they switch as a step function (constant) or change smoothly over time (TCB) or linearly (linear), etc)
See for more details

You might check that you’re in animation mode (hit the green circle in the lower right hand corner of the canvas)


Hi geek!
I’ve revisited the problem I had and can now achieve full animation of the layer I had trouble with. Must have been finger trouble and a touch of brain overload as I’m still on the steep bit of the learning curve.

fyi what I’m trying at the moment is fractal animation and I have previously used POVray to get what I wanted. Using Synfig makes it a lot easier as I can output an mpg direct rather than having to animate a set of POVray stills.

thanks for coming back