Changing the language in Synfig

Hi everyone,

Just started working with Synfig and a bit disoriented, because the program recognized my computers default language (german) and set up all the menus in German. But I’m more comfortable working in English (the downside of being an expat). How can I change this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Karl,

currently we don’t provide an option to change UI language in Synfig Studio.
but, it is possible to customize it at OS level,Could you please inform us what your OS is?

Windows 8

Go to C:\Program Files\Synfig\share\locale, delete the folder ref to your locale. Or when you install Synfig Sudio, just unselect “Interface Languages” option.

They are just workarounds, we are planning to add a an item to allow user chose the UI language they prefer as Gimp does in the feature.