Change Import Interpolation Settings?

I’m trying to work with some pixel graphics (sprites, only a few dozen pixels each), but any time I important anything it’s going to be super blurry, because of the Interpolation settings.

I can go in and change everything manually over to “Nearest neighbor” to make the pixels crisp, but this is incredibly tedious to have to do for everything I import.
Is there any way to either change the settings under which things are imported, or perhaps to change the Interpolation settings of all my images at once?
Or perhaps I am missing some reason why this shouldn’t be done, and thus why it is such a tedious thing to achieve.

Any suggestions for making this easier?

well, i don’t have any sprite images on me, so i don’t know how to test this one… (didn’t have any experience on it either) :unamused:

But just a small-tiny tip, maybe you can try this one

There should be two ways to do this. 1. select all layers and edit the property - the change should apply to all layers. 2. edit .sif with third-party software.

What 3rd party software can do that? I guess I will look around the other parts of the forum, I’m sure there’s more info around on that front.

As for selecting all the layers… That seems pretty obvious when you say it out loud. I had tried that before, but was running into troubles because everything is grouped into switches when you import it, and you can’t edit that property on the switch level. Opening all the switches and only selecting the actual images though, you can indeed edit them all at once. Thanks! It’s not perfect, but it is a fair deal more convenient than individually changing all those properties.

Edit: Also cool to see that there are actually still people floating around here. Looking over the forums things seemed pretty dead and I wasn’t sure if anyone would even be around to help. Glad to know there’s still some helpful folks about.

.sif is simple xml (.sifz is compressed xml), so any plain text or xml processing software (e.g. plain text editor, but of course code editor is much preferred) can do that.

Ah, yeah, i didn’t realize everything is imported into switch layers…

Synfig is pretty much dead indeed. But to realize it’s dead for good, you have to mess with its code, which is why most people still think it can evolve. Others still use it because it works, regardless of update perspectives. I’m here mostly to promote RainyNite when it becomes more usable and share animations (made in it) when i have something interesting to share. Meanwhile helping lost souls who get involved with Synfig :wink:

Something like this is not what looking for?