Catalina and Mojave

I am using synfig 1.4.1 on Catalina 10.15.7 I am unable to resize the canvas and unable to access TIME or OTHER. I downloaded synfig using Mojave 10.14.6 and I had no issues. I am a newbie. Any suggestions

Could you please detail how you try to reach to access those tabs “time” and “other”?

What do you mean with “I am unable to resize the canvas”? You can’t change the dimension values in the form fields? Or does nothing happen when you click “Ok”?

Step 1 Open Synfig Studios 1.4.1 in Catalina
Step 2 Click on > in top left hand corner
Step 4 Open Canvas> Properties
At this point height is accessible but width is not.
Also Image is accessible but Time, gamma correction and Other are greyed out
(I want to change time to 29.97 or 30 fps)

None of these issues happen if I open Synfig in Mojave

Edit BobSynfig: Restored the screenshot as mentioned by rodolforg

Fixing your screenshot (you accidentaly removed the first two characters ![ before Screen Shot.

Wow! Why are the dimension fields so wide?!

Do you see any error/warning/strange message if you launch Synfig from console/prompt?

No No warnings.

And the dimensions are exactly as when I opened the app.
I have trashed the app, and re-downloaded it. Here is a screenshot using the same process

The dimensions are what I see when I open the app. No signs or warnings. Any suggetsions?

I’m not a MacOS user. Could it be a HiDpi issue?

Other possibility: Synfig stores the dimensions of some window/dialogs (but I think the Canvas Options is not one of them).
Anyway, try to reset your settings by temporarily (or not) renaming the settings file (or the entire folder) to some other name. Synfig will think it doesn’t exist. On linux the file is named ~/.config/synfig/settings-1.4; on MacOS it is on Library/Synfig folder.

About the disabled tabs, the code that disable Time tab is used just for the Render dialog :confused:
That’s really strange.