Caret menu does not contain all options

I’m pretty new to SynFig, and I have recently installed the program on my computer, and watched and read the tutorials. The caret menu, which seems to be the go-to for all the settings on my installation only contains “Layers” and “Tools” and nothing else. Were these moved in a recent update, or a bug on my side? I am not running administrator, could that be the issue?

Please report Synfig version, operating system and link where you downloaded the installer.

Sorry :blush:
I’m using SynFig 0.64.2, which I downloaded from here: I downloaded the 32 bit version, amd I’m running the 32-bit Windows XP

Here is a screenshot of the issue
Screenshot 2014-12-14 11.17.58.png

Very weird. Can’t reproduce it. I’ve just followed the steps to reproduce (installed the 32 bit version from the link on a Windows XP 32 bits with admin rights) and I see a normal caret menu.

Please uninstall and install again. Also Verify that you don’t have any other version from other place installed.