capture without move

okay pretend i want a picture of a three to stop then i want to change the whole thing
but how do i get three to enter the animation without the three moving

For this, I would have the “three” picture already in position but I would set the AMOUNT property to ZERO or 0.00 making it fully transparent using CONSTANT interpolation.

When I want it to appear on the frame (and every frame after), I then set AMOUNT to 1.00 - again on CONSTANT

This will make it look as if it just pops into the scene. Use the same technique in reverse to make your other image disappear.


what do you mean amout of propeties
do you mean the seconds
do you mean the you want the three invinsible

perhaps it’s labelled differently in your language.

In English version of software, when the object is selected, the PARAMS, Children, Keyframes shows this:

Z DEPTH 0.00000
AMOUNT 1.00000
Blend Method Composite

Set AMOUNT to 0.00000 to make it invisible

sorry for the late post hope you still see this okay it becomes invinsble but how does it appere and un appre at the video cause when i try nothing when theres no green ball when i make it invinsble

To make things change along the time you have to be in “Animation Mode” when edit the parameters. To change between animation and not animation mode click on the green dot button on the right bottom of the canvas window. It should turn to red and then all the modifications are grabbed in the time line.

Checkout this tutorial for better explanation: … g_movement