Canvas Zoom Duck

Hi there,

Just wondering exactly how that orange duck that is related to zoom works. When you select an encapsulated group there is the location duck, and this other one which appear in the same place… what does it really do? Is it the vanishing point?

Mmmmm… I think you’ve found a bug. I think it’s supposed to map to the zoom parameter of the embedded canvas, but it doesn’t seem to do anything right now, does it?

Sure it does. Just encapsulate something then zoom that encapsulation. Now move that duck around. Seems that as the group grows it moves away from the orange dot, and as it shrinks it move towards it. I can’t imagine what for.

The Paste Canvas layer has two ducks: Origin and Focus. That orange one is the Focus. It is used to define the zoom center point of the zoom parameter of the paste canvas layer. Focus is at the same location than Origin by default (0,0) but intended to be behind, so that’s why it is hard to grab sometimes. GUI is designed to have preference to select Origin from Focus when both ducks are at the same place.


Ah, so if the zoom is 0, then you’re not going to see any changes. That makes sense now. (I must get more sleep)