Canvas toolbar improvement suggestions

Here’s a few suggestions for improving the handy canvas toolbar.

It’s great to have some settings at easy reach but I’m missing some and the ones there can be made clearer. Now they are designed to take as little space as possible.

If we group them into different popups with an icon each the UI can be cleaner, the toolbar shorter and we can add more features at the same time.

  1. Handles icons
    can be grouped into one popup but are often changed so it can be useful to keep them as is (at least for me)

  2. Display Quality
    [] Low resolution
    Decrease/Increase buttons
    Quality: [___]

  3. Canvas helpers
    [] Show grid
    [] Snap to grid
    [] Show guides (much more useful than grid to me but not currently present in toolbar)
    [] Snap to guides

  4. Onion skins
    [] use onion skins
    Past onion skins []
    Future onion skins [

  5. Add a canvas properties icon

  6. Render and preview icons
    keep as is.


Fully agree, for the further improvement, we might have to introduce customizable toolbar system, so that artist can define his own toolbar which fits his needs. It will also serves as a solution to solve the issues we might be facing in the future when more features(tools) added.