Can't set origin of rotate layer.

I’m finally back to learning Synfig after a two year hiatus. I’m running into quite a few problems, but this is the one I’d like help with first.

When I add a rotate layer to an object/group I can initially set the origin of the rotate layer, but after that it seems to relocate itself. At this point if I try to move it, it moves all of the layers it affects as well. So when I rotate things, they end up taking a much larger arc than intended.

There’s also two dotted line circles that seem relevant somehow. I’m not familiar with them or sure what they do, outside of I can’t move them either.

What are those circles for? And how can I adjust the origin of the rotate layer as needed?

I’m using 64.1 on Windows 7 64-bit.

Thanks in advance for any help.

When rotation angle is zero, modify the rotation origin (center) wouldn’t affect the underlying layers. How does the rotation layer work?
Rotation layer perform three consecutive operations to the vector values of the layers below:

  1. Subtract its origin parameter vector value to the underlying vector values of the layers.
  2. Apply a rotation to the vector result of the previous step as defined by its angle parameter
  3. Restore subtraction of step 1)

So it is normal that modifying the rotation origin when the angle is not zero would place the underlying layers in a different place.

Okay. I didn’t think it was a bug. Is there a way I can maintain the relative position of the origin from one keyframe to the next? Like, if I set the origin at the character’s elbow when I create it, can I have it stay there after I rotate it? It’d be really convenient if I could.

Yep sure, grouping your layers , can see an example in the cut out tutorial.

If you are already using group layer … attach your project (or a sample of what you are doing) / even a screenshot of the layer panel will be useful.

I was using grouping layer. I couldn’t imagine using Synfig without that little feature. Though I had completely forgotten about exporting the values as per the wiki instructions on cut out animation. Between that and resetting the angle to zero and adjusting as needed, I think I’ve got it to a working point.

Thanks for all the help! I’ve gotten more animating done this week than the last few years combined.