Can't see Synfig main window

Hey guys!

When I open synfig on Windows 10 I no longer see the main window on monitor.
The app starts because I see synfig in the system tray below. Also no error is given to me.
By closing synfig I am get asked if i want to save.

Very strange.
Anybody know this problem?

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Try to select the tray icon and press WinKey+Up Arrow
If it doesn’t work, you will have maybe to modify the ini files in your profile (search on the forums for more details)

this actually happened to me too yesterday. it’s more about Windows than Synfig. here’s a solution that worked for me:
open Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del, choose Task Manager), select processes, and right click on the Synfig process to select Maximize. The Synfig should show up as full screen now. you can make a smaller window by dragging the top bar.


It probably happens because last time you closed Synfig you were using monitor with a bigger resolution or the window was in a secondary monitor.
Synfig records last window position and size, so in those cases it would be in a non-visible area.

It will be fixed in 1.4.1.

Thanks for your responses!

The solution by impasto works for me.

impasto: sensacional… parabéns… funcionou…

sim eu tive, mas impasto resolveu: maximizar processo…